September 4th, 2019.

The ever-popular Dragon Quad Racing club held the sixth of its eight-round championship at a new venue near Colne in Lancashire last weekend.

Neil Martin contests the class and he filled us in; “The mighty 4x4 class headed off into the hills looking for gold with Graham Guy, Stuart Marley, Jason Wildman and defending champ Simon David all fighting for the top spot. After half an hour, the pcking order was Wildman, David, Guy, Marley but the unpredictable nature of racing soon kicked in when David suffered a few mechanical issues and dropped down the leader board.

"At the half-way point Wildman was looking like a clear winner with a massive lead over Marley, Guy and David, but the race still had some surprises in store as Wildman’s machine started to struggle with front-end problems, putting an end to his lead.

"The final result saw Marley take the win ahead of Wildman and then Guy in third. A brilliant race for everyone to witness.”

Pictured; 4x4 podium Stuart Marley, Jason Wildman and Graham Guy

Image: Nigel Torrens Photography