April 28th, 2018.

Months of planning, visits and ongoing discussions have taken place to create the final details and instructions for an exciting new venue, for the QRA's 2018 Great 8 event.

Since last year, the very accommodating farmer had agreed to put in a new roadway and resurface an existing trackway to the spectacular parking area up on the top of one of the hills, not drivable by 60% of competitors vehicles as it stood.

Cutting a new entrance gateway through from the road to the farm, away from current activities was also agreed. There are also some new gateways to be created to allow continuation of laps which Tony Nash had worked out without overlapping certain sections of land, enabling the farm to continue their daily work commitments.

Unfortunately, a few days ago the farmer requested a postponement due to the impact the weather has had on the land, creating a massive backlog of work.

Those of you who know Tony and Gaynor will understand that they don’t give up easily and are still focused on sorting a venue for the 26th, 27th and 28th of May 2018 and have been to see or contacted six possible venues since last Wednesday.

Tony is confident he will secure a venue and aims to have the regs released later this week.

Pictured - The historic three-wheelers will be back in action at the Great 8 next month