February 15th, 2018.

The First Weekend in March sees RAW Enduro opening the new RAW4 GML ATV sponsored Quad Enduro championship to all quad enduro enthusiasts.

Running on Saturday afternoons, the new 2018 RAW4 Championship has already had interest from Manufacturers as well as RAW Enduro’s established product partners.

The very best and most suitable venues will be used for the RAW4 events, Starting at Driffield in East Yorkshire on March the 3rd, then moving on to Ripon in North Yorkshire at the end of March before the first of the brand-new venues comes into play in April.

Graham Guy from GML ATV has stepped in to support the Championship and has already pledged some attractive prizes for trophy winners during the season.

Races will be 2.5 Hours long, with a multi-lap format at different venues offering separate challenges.

RAW Enduro’s live lap scoring system means there is no need for transponders at RAW4 Events. RAW just asks that race numbers be clearly displayed on the front and rear of all entrants’ quads.

Memberships and race entries are open now, and RAW reports plenty of early interest and new applications flowing in.

There will be classes for Clubman and Expert, four and two-wheel drive, as well as a Farm Quad class.

RAW Enduro insists on ignition cut out lanyards to be fitted to all machines, and riders ought to note that noise testing will be carried out to ensure the club's duty of care for sustainable off-road events is met without compromise.

Any race quad fitted with aftermarket Exhaust systems must be properly silenced, as land access takes years to obtain and minutes to lose. If other users of the countryside report noisy machines, it may lead to venues getting restricted use. Keep them quiet and remember - Quiet Bikes are Fast Bikes!

For entries and full details visit: