January 9th, 2020

The new-for-2020 five-series AMCA National Quadcross championship is gathering steam with top level British and international quad racers signing up. The latest of which is 2019 QXoN British contestant Murray Graham.

The series will provide a well-organised set of fast races for expert quad racers, presenting a high level of professionalism to a wide audience.

The dates and venues of the series, which will run alongside the newly-introduced AMCA National Championship, are;

Round 1. 19th April – Bromsberrow, near Ledbury
Round 2. 17th May – Lower Drayton, Stafford
Round 3. 31st May – Ollerton, near Market Drayton, Shropshire
Round4. 12th July - Little Bowden, Northampton
Round 5. 9th August - Nympsfield, Stroud

Race day will feature free practice, timed qualifying and three 20-minute plus two-lap races and an end-of-day presentation.

Quad spokesperson Oli Sansom said; “We are keen to hear from all pro/expert/clubman elite riders. However, we can only run one class for the quads in this first year, and so we have to draw the line somewhere with regard to the experience of the competitors. We will work towards running a support/QX2 class in 2021.

“This is an exciting and fresh initiative for the quads and, assuming the interest turns into hard registrations, we’re set for a fast-paced and competitive set of races.

To find out more and register your interest for the AMCA Pro QX1 Championship, contact Oli Sansom on 07805 615333 or send him a message via Facebook; @Oli Sansom. Alternatively, email

Pictured: QXoN contestant Murray Graham has signed up for the new AMCA National Quadcross championship. Imag: Maurice Montgomery.
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