May 25th, 2022.

The second round of the 2022 Dragon Quad Racing ATVs Only British XC Championship, held at Seals Hill Farm, Chacombe on the 15th of May, again attracted a good turnout of riders.

The challenging track, which started off dusty, held up well even when it became a little slippery towards the end.

Jamie Morgan led the Adult Expert+ class from the start and was looking safe for the win until the last lap when he had to take time out to repair a damaged shock. He finished sixth, with Carl Bunce taking the win ahead of Zac Orchard and well-travelled Scot Robbie Wood in third. The top four in the premier class completed 14 laps, as did the leading two in the 4x4 Expert, Tom Jones and Graham Guy.

Testament to the competitiveness of DQR racing, with the exception of Lathan Pritchard (4x4 Clubman), Morgan Junge (Youth 250) and Gethin Benbow (Mini 90), each class winner differed from that of the first round.

Overall results (top three in each class):

Expert Plus: 1. Carl Bunce, 2. Zak Orchard, 3. Robbie Wood
Expert: 1. Jack Holloway, 2. Davey Nixon, 3. Bradley Johnson
4x4 Expert: 1. Tom Jones, 2. Graham Guy, 3. Harry Stevens
4x4 Clubman: 1. Lathan Pritchard, 2. Joshua Brown, 3. Adrian Webber
4x4 Lights: 1. Adam Plumb, 2. Clyde Thompson, 3. Barr Willsher
Clubman: 1. Kevin Mortimer, 2. Grace Keitch, 3. Phil Munday
Adult Sportsman: 1. Tom Bishop, 2. Borja Castro, 3. Craig Stephens

Youth 250 Hybrid: 1. Cai Evans, 2. James Maybury, 3. Alfie Pennington
Youth 250: 1. Morgan Junge, 2. Louie Holt, 3. Charlie Eaton
Youth 125: 1. Ronnie Burnett, 2. Owen Stephens, 3. Luke Waddington

Mini 100: 1. Joel O’Neil, 2. Albert Scotland, 3. Ellie Pinder
Mini 90: 1. Gethin Benbow, 2. Harry Barker, 3. Edward Jones
Mini 50 : 1. Alfie Chew, 2. Tyler Wilcock, 3. Max Schofield

Pictured: Cai Evans, Youth 250 Hybrid winner. Image credit: Lisa-Ann Williams Holt.
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