September 11th, 2019.

NETT Quad Championship 2019
Rounds 7 & 8, Duns, Scottish Borders, 7th & 8th September 2019

Words: Ann Wood
Images: Julian Webb

Prior to the final double-header of the NETT Quad Championship, Murray Graham was just two points ahead of QXoN team-mate Harry Walker. With six motos ahead of them over two days, and with both on top form, it was always going to be close. By Sunday afternoon they had won three races apiece, but it was the Scot who emerged victorious and kept the NETT trophy north of the border.

Graham and Walker were in a class of their own all weekend, way out in front of the rest of the pack on every race and the only riders to record lap times of under two minutes on the iconic Duns circuit.

On Saturday, Graham won the first two races, and was second to Walker on the last. But it was Ayrton Knowles who took the holeshot in the first race, clearly announcing his return from injury, an achievement he repeated more than once over the weekend. He and Michael Brewis raced hard together, the Scot eventually getting past the youngster on the first moto to take second to Graham.

Knowles took third place again in the second moto, then fifth in the final one, after briefly knocking himself off his quad when he bashed a berm. Brewis had trouble on race two when his fuel cap came off, showering him in fuel and dropping him to fifth, but he was back on form come moto three, with only Walker and Graham finishing ahead of him.

Just behind the leaders, Jack Young and an under -the-weather Gary Atkinson were battling it out on the track, with Young finishing top in the Adult Support class. The Over-40 class were also out on track alongside the other two adult classes, and Mark Wolfenden won the first moto in his class.

Both Young and Wolfenden went on to win motos two and three in their respective classes, earning both riders’ maximum championship points. Behind them, were the speedy Josh Crozier followed by a posse of riders including 15-year-old Dylan McKenna, riding his 280cc bike and mixing it with Jacob Atkinson and George Oliver. Oliver finished third overall on day one beating McKenna and winning his side bet with him - the result of which was the normally blonde McKenna appearing on the start line of day two with purple hair!

Day one didn’t go well for the other 15-year-old contender in the Adult Support pack; Alfie Walker. His stub axle sheared on the first moto and there was further trouble on moto two, so it was race three before he showed his now customary pace, finishing second to Young in the race, while Crozier finished an impressive second to Young on the day.

Day two saw the three adult classes running together again. In the Championship class, Graham won the first moto, but a very determined Walker had him in his sights and pulled off the same overtaking manoeuvre on the next two races to go 2-1-1. Brewis had mechanical issues which put him out of the running while Knowles stayed strong and consistent behind the leaders Walker and Graham. Mark Wilson made a welcome return to the quad scene, putting in solid fourth place performances in the first two motos, but a race start entanglement left him fighting his way from last to sixth on the last moto of the NETT season.

The adult supports on day two were dominated by a flying Alfie Walker who took three straight wins while battling with Knowles in the Champs and class-mate Young. Young’s two second places and a breakdown dropped him to third on the day, behind the underpowered McKenna who took an impressive 3-2-3 for second overall. In the Over-40s Steve Pinder recovered from incident to take first overall from Martin Sayer in second and Richie Cornett third.

The four junior classes were run together this weekend, making for some dramatic racing among the youngest of riders.

Scotland’s Taylor Hyndman took five holeshots over the six motos. Riding with confidence, especially in particularly muddy conditions on a newly watered track, he won the 100 modified class each day as well as the championship from Jay Sams, who was clearly recovering well from his Preston Docks accident.

The diminutive Malachy McKenna rode brilliantly on his 50 modified quad, mixing it with the bigger bikes of the Kirwin boys, William and Reece, the latter winning the 100 standard class both days.
Fellow 100 standard rider Amelia Talent had a more challenging time with bike issues taking her out of the running for most of the weekend.

Mechanical issues were to thwart Kyle Smith’s championship aims too. He was on equal footing with Taylor Hyndman in the 100 modified class. But a breakdown in practice could not be sorted in time for the races. Instead his team drove the length of Scotland to bring out next season’s 100 geared bike in time for day two, a baptism of fire but great experience as, on race one, it got him between the Gibson siblings, Chloe and Adam. The more experienced Adam was able to turn up the wick over Smith on the next two races, but it was Chloe who won the day. Her winning form was in evidence from the start of day one, when she quickly got past holeshot king Taylor Hyndman. And, had it not been for running out of fuel on the last moto of day one, she would probably have had six straight wins rather than five!

The older youths in the 150 and 250 classes were equally spectacular to watch. Robbie Wood made his intentions clear from the start, taking his first holeshot of the weekend and leading from start to finish, a pattern to be repeated on the next five motos. Behind him Chad Beevers gave chase and pushed hard all weekend for second, the pair recording lap times faster than some of the adults.

Moto one saw Jake Best follow Wood to the first corner but he was passed by Beevers and rode well to hold back Josh Talent and Lewis Humphris. Jake’s twin brother Ethan, on a 250-mod bike, had a great start too ahead of Talent and Humphris, and then had Mitchell Adams to contend with, the pair playing nip-and tuck all weekend, with Ethan conceding only one win to Adams, who finished second overall both days. Jordan Wright finished third both days, despite a dramatic crash at one race start.

Jake Best continued to keep ahead of Josh Talent all weekend but was challenged hard by Lewis Humphris who showed his best form on day two, his birthday! Talent’s weekend was steady, never finishing higher than third in the 250 Open class motos, but perhaps it was tactical, because he did more than enough to ensure he clinched the NETT 250 Open class Championship.

Louise Meek won the 250 standard class both days from Chloe Maybury and in the 150 geared class. Rory Wood stayed ahead of Frank Marsden to take the class both days and the championship.

Full race and championship results will be published by NETT on Speedhive, ahead of their Annual Presentation of Awards which takes place at Gilsland Spa on Saturday 16th November.

Results – Overall on the Day

Round 7 (Saturday)

50 Modified: Malachy McKenna
100 Standard: Reece Kirwin, William Kirwin, Amelia Talent
100 modified: Taylor Hyndman, Jay Sams
100 geared: Chloe Gibson, Adam Gibson

150 geared: Rory Wood, Frank Marsden
250 Standard: Louise Meek, Chloe Maybury
250 Modified: Ethan Best, Michell Adams, Jordan Wright
250 Open: Robbie Wood, Chad Beevers, Jake Best

Adult Support: Jack Young, Josh Crozier, George Oliver
Over-40s: Mark Wolfenden, Steve Pinder, Richie Cornett
Adult Championship: Murray Graham, Harry Walker, Michael Brewis

Round 8 (Sunday)

50 Modified: Malachy McKenna
100 Standard: Reece Kirwin, William Kirwin, Amelia Talent
100 modified: Taylor Hyndman, Jay Sams
100 geared: Chloe Gibson, Adam Gibson, Kyle Smith

150 geared: Rory Wood, Frank Marsden
250 Standard: Louise Meek, Chloe Maybury
250 Modified: Ethan Best, Michell Adams, Jordan Wright
250 Open: Robbie Wood, Chad Beevers, Josh Talent

Adult Support: Alfie Walker, Dylan McKenna, Jack Young
Over-40s: Steve Pinder, Martin Sayer, Richie Cornett
Adult Championship: Harry Walker, Murray Graham, Ayrton Knowles
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