January 19th, 2020.

ZIP’s popular 'Lo-Boy' foam is now available for 2020 with a newly-developed Eliminator-style cover. The 'Lo-Boy' specialist foams – developed by ZIP over the past two years - are now mass produced from a special density formula foam. This enables ZIP to keep costs down and offer fast shipping.

The rationale behind the ‘Lo-Boy’ is one of basic physics … if you want to go around corners quickly, the secret is to get the centre of gravity lower. A specially scalloped foam, lowered in the centre of the seat over 40mm will help to do just that, and with a denser foam than OEM, it allows rapid transition from the rear of the seat when cornering.

ZIP’s revolutionary Elephant vinyl is 50 per cent thicker than comparative products and is combined with a 5mm quilted gripper and ZIP’s patented 'Tuff Grip' boot scuff resistant cheeks. This, claims ZIP, means its seat covers won’t wrinkle after the first time of use.

Available for Yamaha YFZ-450R and Suzuki LT-R450. Provided with a UK warranty and ZIP will also fit the covers, with free return carriage until the 1st of March 2020.

SRP (excluding VAT):
£79.00 Lo-Boy Foam.
£109.00 Lo-Boy Eliminator cover, available in six colourways.
£139.00 Lo-Boy Pro top covers made to order.

Contact: ZIP Racing. T: 01189 731700. E: sales@zipracing.biz. www.zipracing.biz

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