November 15th, 2019.

If you are a Quadcross racer today, then your choice of new machinery is a little restricted. Well, very restricted in fact, as the Yamaha YFZ450R is the only new machine currently on offer. And a fine machine it is too.

If you want something different and you have deep pockets, then it's down the hybrid route, where an after-market chassis can be mated to the MX engine of choice. A slightly less expensive hybrid route is to take the production quad frame of your choice and up-spec the chassis components and again fit the motor of choice.

When Ayrton Knowles crashed out at the start of this season, losing his spleen in the process and taking the wise decision to rest out the remainder of the year, dad Keith kept busy by taking the third route outlined above, by building a Honda TRX/CRF hybrid racer.

Keith takes up the story: "The Yamaha is a great basic bike, but for racing at the top level, you still need to upgrade the chassis and motor to be competitive, and you can end up spending almost as much as you would building an aftermarket frame special.

"We decided to start with a Honda CRF450 MX engine. The CRF motor produces more than enough power and the idea was to build a chassis that would make the best use of that power.

"We stuck with a Honda TRX frame and stripped and strengthened it, then fitted Walsh A-Arms, Swing -Arm, rear link and steering stem. We used Suzuki LTR front hubs and knuckles for improved steering and reduced bump-steer and fitted a Precision Pro-Series steering damper. At the rear we used an RPM Dominator Axle fitted with standard TRX hubs.

"The CRF motor slotted straight in with the Walsh mounting kit and we used an FMF header pipe connected to a DOMA Silencer. The standard CRF injector was retained.

"We used standard Honda TRX plastics topped with custom Angry Graphics and a ZIP seat cover to top it all off."

Job done!

Ayrton rode the new hybrid at last weekend's opening Ecosse Winter Series meeting at Dunbar and took a steady third place in the Pro-Class.

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