28th July, 2020.

Lexham Insurance is a leading quad insurance provider and, as such, can provide competitive premiums for quad insurance in the UK.

Whether you are using your quad as a vital tool to carry out work, or as a bit of fun at the weekend, Lexham Insurance’s quad scheme can provide you the cover for sports, leisure and utility quads for both on-road and agricultural/off-road use.

Lexham’s policies are bespoke, and the company will take all the information needed to get you the best deal possible. Its quad insurance will also factor in whether or not you have a garage to keep it safely locked away, and as a result will provide favourable quotes given that proper security is fitted. Quad policies will of course build up no claims discount, so the discounts with Lexham Insurance will continue the longer you stay with the insurance provider (without a claim being made).

If you are looking for Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft, or Comprehensive cover, Lexham’s UK call centre staff are fully trained and aware of the quads, buggies and ATVs currently available.

Lexham can also provide personal injury cover, and helmet and clothing cover as extra options.

So, if you’re thinking of getting Quad insurance. Get a quote with Lexham! You can get a Quad Insurance quote online HERE or alternatively by calling 01379 646507.

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