March 5th, 2020.

A McKenna or two has featured in the quad results for a number of years now, firstly with dad Gary, then his teenage son Connor and latterly Connor’s younger brother Dylan. However, 2020 will take the Stockport based family to a new level, when they face a full-on schedule of racing with three riders out on track, and almost 70 races between them.

Making his quad racing debut this season is seven-year-old Shay, who is gearing up to contest the 50cc championship rounds at both NORA-MX and NETT. He is following in the footsteps of his eight-year-old brother, Malachy, who won the 2019 NETT championship in the 50cc class and was third in the same class at NORA. Malachy will be tackling NETT and NORA again, but has been promoted to the challenging 100cc class.

The busiest schedule will be for their big brother Dylan, who plans to do the 250cc British and NORA-MX championships, plus the ten-round NETT Championship, as well as Bastogne, PDV, Barmouth, Skegness and possibly Cingoli. Dylan, who turns 16 three days before the opening round of the 250cc British Championship at West Meon on the 15th of March, showed good form in the championship last year, but was thwarted by mechanical issues which saw him step away from the class towards the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Connor has announced that although his racing days may be over, the name Connor is likely to feature again, as his young son and namesake is already showing a healthy interest in the sport. Connor McKenna Jnr. has only just turned one though, so by the time he makes it to the track his Uncle Shay will be competing in the 250cc class.

Pictured: 250cc British contender Dylan McKenna leads series winner Robbie Wood at Mildenhall 2019. Photo credit: John Cook

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