August 6th, 2019.

The seventh round of the Ulster Quadcross & Sidecarcross Championship took place at Seaforde, County Down last Saturday the 3rd of August. McLernon continued his terrific 2019 form by winning the ATVs Only Premier class.

McLernon made his intentions clear from the start, setting the pace in timed qualifying with a best time of 1:47.875, but closest rival Justin Reid with a 1:48.778 was right on his tail. David Cowan was a little further back with a time of 1:50.284.

Reid #14 leads McLernon #919

In the ATVs Only opening moto, Reid led off the start but was soon passed by McLernon who went on to take the win ahead of Dillon and Reid. Race two was a flag to flag win for McLernon, with Reid in second all the way and Dillon third. The third race saw Dillon charge off the line but he dropped back to seventh, leaving the way clear for McLernon and Reid. Kyle Murphy picked up his pace to finish third, whilst Dillon recovered slightly to take sixth.

ATVs Only Premier Class

Race 1: 1. Mark McLernon, 2. Dean Dillon, 3. Justin Reid, 4. Aaron Haslett, 5. David Cowan, 6. Kyle Murphy
Race 2: 1. Mark McLernon, 2. Justin Reid, 3. Dean Dillon, 4. Kyle Murphy, 5. Aaron Haslett, 6. Johnny McKnight
Race 3: 1. Mark McLernon, 2. Justin Reid, 3. Kyle Murphy, 4. David Cowan, 5. Aaron Haslett, 6. Dean Dillon

Reid #14 leads Dillon #136

Jack Young made it three out of three in the Gilchrist Plant Hire Clubman class ahead of Josh Crozier and Kyle Orr. Meanwhile, in the Stephen Russell MX, Lloyd Acoustics, J&L Preparation youth classes, Roy Farren, Harrison Orr and Carey O’Hare took the podium positions in the Autos. Travis Toye, Harry Minish and Chloe Gibson took the overall top three slots in the 80cc/100cc group, and Ross Dillon, Josh McKnight and Andrew Black came out on top in the 200cc/250cc category.


1. Jack Young, 2. Josh Crozier, 3. Kyle Orr, 4. Shane Hunter, 5. Ben Carey, 6. Jamie Quinn

Junior Autos
1. Rory Farren, 2. Harrison Orr, 3. Carey O’Hare, 4. Alfie Brown, 5. Conor Bradley, 6. William McPolan

Junior 80/100

1. Travis Toye, 2. Harry Minish, 3. Chloe Gibson, 4. Adam Gibson, 5. Freddie Williamson, 6. Blake Orr

Junior 200/250cc
1. Ross Dillon, 2. Josh McKnight, 3. Andrew Black, 4. Mitchell Adams, 5. Alicia Green, 6. Ian Harrow

Image credit: Thanks to Maurice Montgomery!
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