July 24th, 2019.

Cromwell Trucks ACU British QX Championship, Round 7, Sunday 21st July 2019, Dean Moor

The penultimate round of the 2019 British QX Championship took place at Dean Moor in Cumbria last weekend. It was run alongside a round of the ever-popular NETT Quad Championship.

Dark clouds had descended over the famous mountain track, and spells of rain on Saturday had already made the track one lined and slippy. Fortunately, Sunday was dry, however, the turn out for the UK’s premier championship was lower than expected …

Murray Graham was the surprise of the weekend and he showed amazing form. Championship leader McLernon posted two fourth place finishes and a second to maintain his lead, whilst Harry Walker went with a second, third and win to slightly chip away at McLernon’s margin.

In race one Graham bolted from the start gate and left the rest of the field in his wake. He led from start to finish and won the race with a strong seven-plus second margin ahead of U-21 rival Harry Walker and the experienced former QX multi-champ Justin Reid.

Race 2 was a repeat performance for Graham, but Dean Dillon had something to prove after being picked for Team Ireland for the first time and the young lad, mounted on a Walsh quad, was eager to show his skills. Reid followed Graham – who had another considerable seven-plus second margin – with Walker in third.

In the final championship moto, Walker made his intentions clear from the start. He nailed the gate drop perfectly, blasted into the first corner and held his pace ahead of the pack to lead from flag to flag. He won ahead of McLernon and Graham.

Race 1
1. Murray Graham, 2. Harry Walker, 3. Justin Reid, 4. Mark Mclernon, 5. Oli Sansom, 6. Lorne Sinclair, 7. Kyle Murphy, 8. Tom Chell, 9. Lindsay Duke, 10. Dafydd Davies

Race 2
1. Murray Graham, 2. Justin Reid, 3. Harry Walker, 4. Mark Mclernon, 5. Dean Dillon, 6. Dafydd Davies, 7. Oli Sansom, 8. Lindsay Duke, 9. Kyle Murphy, 10. Lorne Sinclair

Race 3
1. Harry Walker, 2. Mark Mclernon, 3. Murray Graham, 4. Dafydd Davies, 5. Oli Sansom, 6. Lorne Sinclair, 7. Kyle Murphy, 8. Lindsay Duke, 9. Tom Chell, 10. Dean Dillon

Championship (with one round remaining)
1. Mark Mclernon 462, 2. Harry Walker (U21) 426, 3. Justin Reid 391, 4. Dean Dillon (U21) 329, 5. Oli Sansom 323, 6. Murray Graham (U21) 309, 7. Dafydd Davies (U21) 280, 8. George Callaway 279, 9. Kyle Murphy 211, 10. Lorne Sinclair (U21) 203

Report and images: Paul Irvine
Results: Nora-MX

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