December 10th, 2021.

With the 2022 season just around the corner, ATVs Only, the UK’s leading ATV parts and accessories distributor believes the best investment any ATV rider can make is spending money on suspension.

“It’s the biggest single improvement to your lap times any accessory will make,” says ATVs Only’s Pete Rumsey. “Before you rush out spending ££££s on tuning parts, think again, suspension built exclusively for you will truly transform the way you ride.”

PEP suspension is built for each individual rider and takes into account important things such as type of riding, rider weight and ability, machine configuration like type of A-arms and swingarm. Even tyre size and certain other additional accessories are all taken into account when preparing the shocks for set-up.

“Quite simply PEP is the very best ATV suspension money can buy,” added Rumsey. “PEP has won more British Championships than any other brand by far. Year after year, the list of champions riding with PEP gets longer and longer.”

This year’s esteemed roll call includes:

Mark McLernon
British Champion
Ulster Champion
Quad of Nations Champion

Justin Reid

Quad Of Nations Champion

Dean Dillon
British U21 Champion
Quad Of Nations Champion

Oli Sansom

Nett Champion

Dafydd Davies
Nora-MX Pro Class Champion

Josh McKnight
British 250 Open Champion

Ross Dillon

British 250 Champion

Jamie Morgan

Dragon Quad Racing Enduro Champion

If you want to improve your lap times in 2022 then contact ATVS ONLY to discuss how. The firm says your suspension set up can make the difference between being on the podium, or not.

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WhatsApp: 07377186201
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