July 1st, 2020.

ATV UK Racing boss Ray Walker hung up his quad-racing boots some 10 years ago. We understand he is now back in the business. The following Press Release, issued by ATV UK Racing, outlines his reasons for returning to the scene ….

“10 years after its’ owner Ray Walker decided to close down his quad shop in Theydon Bois, Essex, as well as retiring from racing quads due to injuries….. COVID19 lockdown may have a huge change of heart for him.

On 20th May 2020, ATV UK Racing was officially reopened in Epping, Essex where they offer sales, service, repairs, full race set up and after market accessories.

Ray has also decided to get back behind the bars and start competing again with a vision to winning the Championships after having a successful career in winning races out in America with John Elliot and Enduro Races in the UK.

Here Ray tells his story in a Q&A session about why his passion for the quad industry has never died and why he has had a change of heart…

What made you get into riding quads all those years ago?

A few friends of mine had bought them and I went up to a Suzuki dealer in Kings Lynn and bought a Suzuki LTZ400 brand new to have a lot of fun with.

What was behind you setting up ATV UK Racing?

I was sitting at a friend’s super bike shop in Southend called Bike World talking about how I had just bought my quad bike and he said that his agent in America got them and he could get me a list of prices. He called me a few months later saying that he had a list for me and when I saw how cheap they were in America, I literally jumped straight on a plane and flew out there. I met up with his Agent and went to a repossession centre where I ended up buying 48 quads! We loaded them in 2 containers and flew back to the UK. I put all the pictures in adverts on Bike Trader and had deposits on 80% on them before they even landed in the UK.

Can you remember accidents on your quad, which contributed to you hanging up your boots?

I have had a few accidents. My first major one was at Pale Lane for one of the southern moto-x cross rounds in 2007. I high sided the quad which flipped up in the air and hit me in the back of the head and smashed my crash helmet. That put me out for 9 months as I had a permanent headache.

My next incident was in May 2008 where I broke my ankle in California. This was on a Suzuki LTR450. I broke my ankle in qualifying. I did not realise I had broken my ankle at the time, so I strapped it up and went out for the race and won!

Why the change of heart to not only reopen your business but also to get back behind the wheels of a quad again?

My daughter Rose has done it for a few years and misses it and where she wants to get back it into, thought it would be rude not too!

In regards to reopening ATV UK Racing, it is something that I have thought about for quite a few years but I never got round to doing it. I have missed my racing family, the sport, but mostly the endurance it gives my body where I feel like I have been hit by a bus!

Where do you envisage ATV UK Racing to be?

To supply a good service in Essex. I have had a lot of old customers who I have bumped into over the years that have told me it was a shame I shut as I provided such a fantastic service and they have never found another business that ran like mine.

Your daughter Rose, who is 11 has also started to race again. How does this make you feel?
This Season she is only doing for fun as she has had 2 years off. Am slowly getting her back into it and I look forward to what will happen in 2021 for her.

For further information please go to our website or our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook @atvukracing.”

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