November 16th, 2019.

The newly-revitalised Supermoto NI Club held the first round of its popular Winter Supermoto last Sunday, 10th November 2019, at Nutt's Corner.

The event was supported with 14 quads, headed by Justin Reid, Terence Makin and Diane Hillis. Reid and Mackin took a flag-to-flag first and second in the first two motos. Come moto 3, however, it was a different story as (by choice) Reid stared from the back. He swiftly moved into the lead by half-race distance though, whilst behind him Mackin and Hillis enjoyed their own battle. Hillis slid past Mackin in the closing stages of the race to secure second.

Reid leads the four-round series by 75 points, ahead of Mackin on 64 and Hillis on 62.

Overall results;
1. Justin Reid, 75 points, 2. Terence Mackin 64, 3. Diane Hillis 62, 4. Tommy Muldoon 50, 5. Shaun Sinclair 44, 6. Donie O’Brien 43, 7. Kyle Orr 42, 8. Chris McLaughlin 36, 9. Ryan Hughes 33, 10, David Maxwell 33.

Next up for the four-round series is round two on Saturday 23rd November at Kirkstown. Venues for the final two rounds on January 26th and February 23rd are to be announced.

Pictured: Justin Reid on way to Supermoto victory. Images: Thanks to Tommy Vennard Photography.

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