October 18th, 2021.

Oli Sansom continued his winning ways at the Barmouth Beach Race last weekend by taking five wins from five starts in the deep sand at the west Wales resort.

2021 has been a strong year for Sansom and has seen the 34-year-old reaping the benefits of a self-imposed hard fitness and training regime.

He is the 2021 NETT Champion. He finished 3rd in the British QX Championship and was the highest-placed finisher for Team GB at the recently held Quadcross of Nations.

He has now secured his second-consecutive win at the Wilden MX Club’s Barmouth Beach Race and, as the first quad past the line, won £500 in the process.

However, for Sansom, the glory of winning and the prize money palled into insignificance when it came to something far closer to his heart and home. His younger sister Mel was admitted for bowel cancer surgery today, Monday the 18th of October, and he dedicated his efforts and victory to her with a #winformel tagline.

Said Sansom, “I’ve taken my training and racing seriously this year and it’s paid off. But for me, the most important incentive has been to go out and do it for my kid sister Mel. She had a huge operation today and has a long journey of recovery ahead of her. When I look at her and see her amazing strength, I feel humbled. She is a true inspiration.”

Image credit: John Cook
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