May 1st, 2020.

There’s no denying that we are in unprecedented times. The world and leisure activities such as quad racing are in lockdown, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead to a time when you’ll be back out racing and thinking of buying a new machine ….

So, there are some high buck chassis out there that you can bolt the motor of your choice into, but that takes time and money to get sorted. And it needs a lot of knowledge to get it done right.

In truth, in 2020 there is only one choice if you want to buy a brand-new quad racer and that is the Yamaha YFZ450R. Yep, that's right, it's the only race quad still being made by a leading manufacturer, and it hits the showroom floor at a tad over the £9000 mark. The good news is that, out of the crate it's a damn fine machine, and all it needs to go racing is a set of nerf bars, an ignition cut-out lanyard and a set of number plates. In stock trim, the YFZ will kick ass at clubman and local level with a reasonably serious pilot on board.

As with every form of racing, if you want to compete at a higher level, then you are going to have to start upgrading chassis, suspension and powertrain components, and that can be a long and expensive journey. But a sensible approach and advice from the right people and the YFZ can still be ultra-competitive at the higher levels of racing.

Beringer brake cylinder

One person who knows the Yam YFZ450R series better than most is British Championship rider and recently appointed Yamaha dealer, Oli Sansom from Sansom Motorsports. He has been riding the 450 Yam for over ten years and knows his way around them.

Over to you Oli; "The standard spec 2020 YFZ450R is an awsome machine out of the crate and I practice on one all the time.

"My British Championship machine is carefully modified, as it is up against some hand-built £30k specials, and so no one would expect a bog-standard machine to be fully competitive at that level.

"My first step on my national race-spec machine is to fit PEP Suspension all round with Laeger’s MGC A-arms on the front and a RPM Dominator axle at the rear.

"Next, I fit a Beringer master cylinder to the front braking system to improve race-long brake performance. I also fit a TLO oil chamber for increased oil capacity and a clear oil level viewing glass and aluminium WC timing side bungs to replace the standard plastic items.

"Beyond that, I do make limited engine mods and use different exhausts and engine set-up for different tracks, and of course different tyres to suit different surfaces and conditions, but the mods mentioned above will see a great machine turned into a top-level contender."

TLO Oil reservoir

To follow Oli, go to For a huge range of quad parts and accessories, call ATVs Only on 01280 848426 or email

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