June 5th, 2019.

The increasingly-popular Endurance Quad 10H de Goncourt will take place in France this weekend. Goncourt is situated about 200km to the east of Paris, in the Haute-Marne.

An impressive tally of 74 teams and 184 pilots representing France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and, of course, the UK, have signed up. France is fielding the biggest number of riders with 136, whilst in second in terms of representation, 28 riders will be flying the flag for the UK.

Jason Wildman, pictured here, will debut the ATVs Only/Wildman/Polaris Project X quad at the event. He’s partnering Jay Gröpl of Jay Parts, who has had a hand in the project. “ Wow, what a machine …” enthused Wildman after a first test ride. “Adding all the after-market parts has improved the quad beyond my expectations. More testing will take place to fine-tune the PEP shocks before we leave for Goncourt.”

Teams representing the UK include:
· Meelie Miller, Laurence Stopps, Josh Waring
· Connor and Kieran Taylor
· Simon Pritchard, Mark Smith, Jamie Smith
· Matthew Kirk, Russell Wells, Steven Smart
· David and Zack Hull
· Steve Atkins, Simon David
· Richard Shaw, Joseph and Geoff Sharp
· John Keys, Guy Tyrone
· Burns Derick, Bethell Alex
· Guy Graham, Marley Stuart

Mixed nationality teams include:
· Jason Wildman (UK), Jürgen Gröpl (Austria)
· Danny Gilligan (UK), Artaz Franck (France)
· Marc De Vries (Belgium), Sheldon Seal (UK), David Cowan (Ireland)

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