June 4th, 2024.

The third round of the EMX Quadcross European Championship at Kramolin in the Czech Republic proved to be a wet and muddy affair when a significant downpour of rain on Saturday, forced the organisers to cancel track activities and squeeze both a shortened qualifying session and the two championship races into Sunday.

Patrick Turrini qualified fastest ahead of Manfred Zienecker and Mark McLernon. Current red-plate holder Harry Walker was eighth.

Race 1
As the 23 quad competitors took to the gate, the threat of poor weather still loomed, however, it held off for the first 25-minutes-plus-two-laps race of the weekend.

Turrini led the charge and remained out front all the way to the chequered flag. Walker tried his best to get past the reigning EMX Quad champ but settled in second place. Zienecker was in contention throughout much of the race, defending his position from McLernon, Mike van Grinsven and Joakim Granli.

A single-line formed on the Kramolin circuit and this proved beneficial for Italy’s Turrini who won ahead of Walker, Sylvain Petit, Zienecker and McLernon.

Italian Patrick Turrini won round 3 of the EMX Quadcross Championship

Race 2
The track had rutted deeply for the second race, making it a challenging moto for all riders.

In the early stages of the race, Zienecker led McLernon and Turrini, however, with the track conditions making overtaking difficult, there were only a handful of opportunities for Turrini to place himself ahead of McLernon. In the meantime, Zienecker managed to extend his lead, while Walker was back in fifth.

A mistake from the race leader saw McLernon close the gap between himself and the German, and only half a second separated the main contenders at the halfway point. However, Zienecker soon made amends for his error and stretched his advantage once more. A couple of laps later and McLernon had stopped on the inside of the circuit, which pushed the chasing pack up a position, importantly placing Walker inside the top three. But, with Joakim Granli only a second behind Walker needed to remain focussed.

Walker and McLernon battling hard

At the chequered flag, Zienecker took the win with an 11 second advantage over Turrini. Walker’s third placing ensures he keeps hold of the red plate going into round 4 at Gdansk, Poland.

Race 1
1. Patrick Turrini
2. Harry Walker
3. Sylvain Petit
4. Manfred Zienecker
5. Mark Mclernon

Race 2
1. Manfred Zienecker
2. Patrick Turrini
3. Harry Walker
4. Joakim Granli
5. Sylvain Petit


1. Patrick Turrini – 47 points
2. Manfred Zienecker – 43 points
3. Harry Walker – 42 points
4. Sylvain Petit – 36 points
5. Joakim Granli – 32 points

EMX European Quadcross, round 3, podium [l – r] Manfred Zienecker, Patrick Turrini, Harry Walker

Championship standings (after 3 rounds):
1. #7, Harry Walker, 134 points, 2. #89 Manfred Zienecker, 97, 3. #15 Patrick Turrini, 94, 4. #294 Joakim Granli, 71, 5. #919 Mark McLernon, 69, 6. #69 Julian Veldman, 60, 7. #55 Karlis Neija, 55, 8. #5 Pinchon Louis, 51, 9. #11 Mike Van Grinsven, 45, 10. #111, Joao Vale, 42.

News, results and images can be found at www.emxquad.com

Report: Bradley Hix/EMXquad.com. Images: Ondra Beneda/EMXquad.com.

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